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I can't open any opengl es 3.0 project the screen turns off then a white screen appears on the program
I have updated the graphics processor to the latest version, but that did not work. When I open opengl es 2.0 project it works but 3.0 not working.
godot engine version 3.3.2
Windows 7 - 64 bit
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon HD 6470M
Please help me as soon as possible

Godot version 3.3.2
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I'm not sure that windows 7 can run newer versions of godot (but i'm not sure).

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Its difficult to diagnose from that info, it could be a setting on your computer or a corrupted file in your game or godot itself. I suggest trying to download a version of godot (say 3.2) link your project and see if that opens it. If so it may just be that you need to reinstall your godot. If you get the same issue try a previous version of your game (do you store backups on gitlab?). If neither of those work it must be something in your windows setup.

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