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I'm making a jump pad, which the player walks on and it gets thrown up and forward in the air (similar to Apex Legends). I managed to make it jump up by velocity.y = 10 but couldn't figure it out how to throw the player in a specific direction. Currently this system works with an Area (3D) node, when the player touches it.

Godot version v3.3.2
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when player touches jump pad do
player.velocity = transform.basis.z.normalized()*speed

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Not working :/

The code:

    if area.is_in_group("jump_pad"):
        velocity.y = 30
        velocity = transform.basis.z.normalized()*speed

velocity = transform.basis.z.normalized()*speed eliminates velocity.y = 30 and nothing happens. Also the script is in the because the players Area (3D) activates the code (area_entered).

so that velocity is not cancelled out switch
velocity.y = 30 and velocity = transform.basis.z.normalized()*speed
and velocity -= transform.basis.z.normalized()*speed
other than that i dont know what the problem is. if you want to send the project and i can try and find the problem but sorry i cant help you

I played around with my code and changed velocity with currentvelocity and that worked. I totally forgot I was using currentvelocity. Thanks!

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