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I am aware of easy ways to accomplish what I want to do with a script, I was hoping to just use the GUI. Is there a way to emit a signal without it's arguments?

For example, I have a button which is an Area2D, I want to emit it's body_entered(body) signal and connect it to an an AnimationPlayer's function, play(). I am able to connect the signal from the button to the node, and add an extra argument with the name of the animation, but it also calls the signal with the PhysicsBody that enters it as the first argument, and obviously AnimationPlayer doesn't take that as an argument.

I am using the layer masks to ensure the correct body triggers the signal, so that argument is not necessary for me, is it possible to have this signal called without it's predefined argument? Without a script, that is.

Godot version 3.3.2
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