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I'm not sure what to hunt for on this, but I was wondering how many times a constant will be assigned to memory when you define one inside a class.

Say you did this:

class MyObj:
    const DATA = 123

func _ready():
    var arr = []
    for i in range(100): arr.append(

Will Godot store 100 copies of this constant in memory?

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When I fill an array with objects I can access to the objects using array index so I think array stores pointers and not a copy of the objects.
You can test if it's works like this even on simple types like integers.

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Looking at the GDScript parser, it appears that constant values are assigned at parse time, so I'd imagine there's no memory overhead or multiple instantiation in classes.

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It also looks like the compiler bears that out—whenever a parsed constant node is encountered in the parser's output, it sets the parsed value in a constant map on the codegen object.

Thanks so much. I got lost in the Tokenizer code.

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