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Hello everyone,

I just discovered Godot and like it a lot !
I would be interested to use it for my next project.

I am a C# programmer by day so I would be really interested to program the engine with this language. I am wondering by when the support for C# will be available.

Many thanks for your help.

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3 Answers

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It's being worked on. I don't know when specifically it will be done, but I would guess soon.

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If I'm not wrong, here is where some of the magic happens

Keep an eye on that repo, no idea about the status but there are detailed build instructions.

Seems to be a Platformer 2D demo too there.

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The plan is to release it together with Godot 3.0.

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Will it be a first class citizen or is that still only GDScript?

AFAIK we will release alternative binaries without C# support. The reason for this is that the mono runtime sizes a lot, so it wouldn't be fair to impose that on users that won't use it.
The main language will still be GDScript, and the documentation examples will be written in GDScript.
Actually, it's quite easy to convert GDScript examples to C# yourself. The API is the same, it's mostly syntax and few features that may differ. I will document all of these differences.
We will also provide demos translated C# on this repo. Right now, there is only the old platformer 2D demo (the one that still used RigidBody2D). First, they will be translated "as is", later the plan is to make them more C#-ish.

I need c# as I am already familiar with the language and I don't know anything about GDscript except for apparently GDscript's syntax is like python syntax (Not helpful in my case because I don't know much Python either)

GDScript is dead simple, you can pick it up in a day. If you know C#, GDscript will be no problem.

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