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Hello, please tell me. I made a game in godot for android and saved it in the "AAB" format. I decided to upload the game to google play.
But when uploading the game file to Google, it gives the error " Your app currently targets API level 29 and must target at least API level 30 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance. Change your app's target API level to at least 30. Learn More".
After reading more, I realized that this may be related to the SDK, which is downloaded through Android Studio. But the fact is that in android studio I have all the APIs above 30 installed. Please tell me how to fix this?

Godot version 3.3.2
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Seems like this problem happened in the past with the level 29 API.

Following that thread, look for the file /your game folder/android/build/config.gradle and open it with a text editor, it'll probably list targetSdk and buildTools as 29.

As UnknownUser posted, you might need to mark the "Use Custom Build" option when exporting. When you click export, it'll ask the SDK folder to use and you should point it to the appropriate android sdk build tools folder. On windows, it should be at C:\Users\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\build-tools

Another thing you might need to do is remove that folder android and its contents and reinstall the project's Android Build Template

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Yes, the problem turned out to be in API 29. To solve it, you need to download the latest version of GODOT and enable "Use Custom Build" when exporting. And you correctly noticed "Another thing you might need to do is remove that folder android and its contents and reinstall the project's Android Build Template". Thanks for the reply.

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