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what happened to export and setget in the new gdscript?

can someone give me an example?

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remember to thumbs up as this is the 10th time i refer to this question.

1 Answer

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nevermind i figured it out. example :

@export var surfaceColors: PackedFloat32Array = [1.0] :
        return surfaceColors
        surfaceColors = value
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This appears to be broken in the betas. I'm using beta 6 (I didn't try it until the betas, so I don't know if it ever worked in Godot 4). Does it still work for you?

@export var m_vecSize:Vector3 = Vector3(1,1,1) : set = setSize, get = getSize

func getSize():
print("Return size")
return m_vecSize

func setSize(a):
print("Change size")
m_vecSize = a

Neither getSize() nor setSize() get called when changing the value in the editor. The editor shows that the engine recognizes the change, but my set and get methods don't get called then.

Any ideas?

I am experiencing this issue as well in v4.0.2:

class_name CelestialBodyData extends Resource

@export_range(1, 20) var radius: int = 1:
        prints('SET: radius:', new_value)
        if not radius == new_value:
            radius = new_value

The value does change, but I never see the prints output, also, the emit_changed method does not fire.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Maybe, if not radius == newvalue:, should be: if radius != newvalue:?

Yeah, lol, I don't know why I wrote it like that...

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