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Hey :)

I want to pack external .obj files into a pck file, which I can use later. All at runtime... But when try to using the .obj file from the loaded .pck following error message comes:

Loading resource: res://Resources/Test-Track/Objects/untitled.obj
ERROR: _load: No loader found for resource: res://Resources/Test-Track/Objects/untitled.obj.
    At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:290.

My code for packing an .obj file is only:

var packer =
packer.add_file("res://Resources/" + resource_path, external_path_to_obj)

I think there's missing something. Does anyone have an idea?
Everything should work at runtime..

Godot version 3.3.2
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Thank you very much

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Did a workaround and wrote a new godot project with plugin:


jEssentials.copy_folder_recursively(editor_directory_path + "Resources", "res://Resources")
print("Finished copying files.")

# signal resources_imported:
# get_editor_interface().get_resource_filesystem().scan()

Exported .pck:

var files_to_export = []
files_to_export.append_array(jEssentials.crawl_directory_for("res://.import/", "stex"))
files_to_export.append_array(jEssentials.crawl_directory_for("res://.import/", "mesh"))
files_to_export.append_array(jEssentials.crawl_directory_for("res://Resources/", "import"))
files_to_export.append_array(jEssentials.crawl_directory_for("res://Resources/", "tres"))
files_to_export.append_array(jEssentials.crawl_directory_for("res://Resources/", "tscn"))

var packer =
for file in files_to_export:
    packer.add_file(file, file)

jEssentials can be found here:

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