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extends Area

export var goldToGive : int = 1
var rotateSpeed : float = 5.0

func _process(delta):

    rotate_y(rotateSpeed * delta)

func _on_GoldCoin_body_entered(body):

    if == "Player":

func give_give (amount):

    gold += amount <---

This is my code, I am trying to create a gold system, I have already added a variable to my Player, but whenever I try to add the line marked above it gives me this error: "Identifier "gold" isn't declared in current scope"

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It is telling you that the variable Gold is not declared in this function... If you have it declared from before you would have to pass it as a parameter or the best thing I think would be for the function to return Gold being that you just want to assign a new value in Gold.

Hope it helps.

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