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I'm currently following this tutorial and change it a little bit (to fit with my project) and get this error:

Invalid get index 'texture' (on base: 'Nil').

the problem maybe because of my Sprite is null, but I don't know how to fix it, here is my code:

var sprite
var ghost_scene = preload("res://ghosteffect.tscn")

func _process(delta):
 match state:       
        roll_state(delta, sprite)

func roll_state(delta, sprite):
 self.sprite = sprite
 velocity = velocity.move_toward(roll_vector * ROLL_SPEED, ACCELERATION * delta)"Roll")

func instance_ghost():
 var ghost: Sprite = ghost_scene.instance()

 ghost.global_position = global_position
 ghost.texture = sprite.texture
 ghost.vframes = sprite.vframes
 ghost.hframes = sprite.hframes
 ghost.frame = sprite.frame
 ghost.flip_h = sprite.flip_h

I have omitted some codes which aren't related to the sprite node, so please ask if you guys need more information (million thanks for the help!)

Godot version godot 3.3
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I think you have to load the ghost first:

func roll_state(delta, sprite):
      self.sprite = sprite
      velocity = velocity.move_toward(roll_vector * ROLL_SPEED, ACCELERATION * delta)"Roll")
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hmm do not really change any things but still thanks for lending a hand :)

I think the problem is, that you didnĀ“t set the variable "sprite"

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