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I am using a custom java module as well as a release key in my project. If I give absolute path for them in export options, they work fine. However, if I try to give relative path, with res://, the custom apk works, but while fetching the keystore, godot is implicitly prefixing the absolute path before res, resulting in export being failed. Details:



terminal output during export

jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: /home/kaushik/godot/projects/texttest/res:/keystore_key/release.keystore (No such file or directory)
Doesn't make any sense. Any help appreciated.

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I think it doesn't make sense putting export template and keystore under res://

If you want it as relative path,
put custom package and keystore outside of res://
and using custom_package/release="../template/java-release.apk" or something like that.

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Thanks, this works.

I have a requirement to ship the project and I wanted minimal user intervention for export options. That's why I wanted to hard-code those values in export.cfg.

I was already underway to implement a dirty hack. I was doing a getwd(buf); and then buf+"customkey/rel.key" and pass this as the keystore before OS::getsingleton()->execute(jarsigner,args,true,NULL,NULL,&retval);

getwd() was returning the res::// absolute path to me and I had it there. But your suggestion is cleaner than cluttering the code.

Can you explain why ../ works for jarsigner ??

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