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Im seekeng a way to check, have some node a custom function.

Problem description:
I have area2d bullet, that flys forward. when it face Enemy or Player it calls a function "TakeDamage( damage )" and sets a damage amount. problems starts when it face wall or any other environment, because it doesnt have function "TakeDamage".
I want to modify bullet script to check have faced object "Take_Damage" function or it doent, and only if it have, then call it.
But i dont know how to check it.

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?

Godot version 3.3.2
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1 Answer

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Use Object's has_method(method: String) to check whether the object has a method defined:

if body.has_method("take_damage"):

This is also called "duck typing".

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Thanks for the the tidbit information.

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