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I'm looking into how to handle saving in my game. Down the line, I want to save many variables and I need to do it quite often automatically (there will only be autosave, the player will not press a save button)

Because of that, I don't want to have to save everything in the game every time, only the necessary variables. What would be a good way to save specific variables to the save file and overwrite it if it is already stored?

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Have a global script with a dictionary or array so it can be accessed anywhere

Update the values as normal.

Save dictionary to file on conditions like

  • The game quit
  • A stage got cleared
  • The player has the game idle
  • Save point reached

The saved file automatically overwrites the old one when saved so it may be a good idea to have multiple dictionaries or save files for things like configuration, progress, consumables, status

This is only one approach and not coding law

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