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Hi !

I was told on the discord that I can put a domain name intead of the IP adress of my server.

This doesn't seems to work with me.

Here is my setup :

My server :
1 IP adress
3 domain name

2 websites
1 basic access domain for the server

My game server is on my server (obviously =).

When my game server uses proper IP (58.158.xxx.xx for ex) for SERVER_IP (in High-level multiplayer), clients all over the world can connect \o/.

When my game server uses a any of the domains it won't work.
I tried following :

SERVERIP = "mydomain.nya"
IP = "https://mydomain.nya"
SERVER_IP = "https://www.mydomain.nya"

Didn't have time to try "www.mydomain.nya", but it seems unlikely, isn't it ?

So I'm stuck.

I need this cause I don't have a fix IP adress at home and I self host my server. Hairpinning can be manageable, but updating the server every two weeks is just impossible...

Thanks :)

Godot version 3.2.1
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http:// and https:// refer to the HTTP protocol. Game servers do not use the HTTP protocol, so the domain name should be just mydomain.nya.

Well it doesn't work for me! Did you tried this yourself ?

That's a bit like asking Alan Cox if he's tried his advice on Linux.

Ok so I manage to make it work (it seems), don't know why my early attempt didn't succeed... I think my main domain on my server was wrong.

Thank you people, it's good to have a firm answer than a bunch of maybes.

@stormreaver I didn't know if you were looking for an apology on my part or if it was just humor. At least it kind of answer my question.
If you want to help people, I don't think it's good to make fun of things they don't know.

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