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Hi ! I'm actually trying to develop a 2D games with networking, but I'm lacking some knowledge to fully finish it right now

I actually have a title screen, which Change Scene to go on a scene which will ask between Create a Server, or Join a Server (I did the network code using ENet as peer to peer since I don't know how to do otherwise)

After that, (for now), players can connect using LAN, and are redirected via a scene change on a lobby

This lobby will be used to select a character, but everyone will be able to see every characters selected by the others.

I have 4 box, each with 2 arrows (previous / next), but everyone can smash any buttons they like. Is there any way of restricting the use of objects to only the network master ?

If there's a better way to do this, I'm open minded to anyone who'd like to share their knowledge with me !

Godot version 3.3.3 stable
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Have all Buttons set to disabled by default then on scene change set them to enabled based on network ID since network master defines the controller of the node.

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Something along the lines of

if $Button.is_network_master():

Also forgot to mention it's best to use rset_config along with rset so when you make a change on one peer you update the properties for the other peers (like making a previously selected character unselectable by other peers)

Thanks you ! I couldn't find it even though it was this simple..

I'll try to make that work this evening when I'm home and I'll let you know if I success in making this
I didn't really understand that rset, but I did see that it will be removed in Godot 4.0, so I didn't take a really good look on it (though I used it one time to try syncing players movement)

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