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Is there a way in esc-files to acces global variables, that are not flags? Like integers for example. I suppose i could make changes to and, but i feel like there should be an easier way to do this.

Any help, would be appreciated.

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What are "esc-files"?

Not sure if I understood the question, but if you have a global .gd script, you can access all of its variables anywhere in the code (as in the singletone tutorial - you just need to create the variable you want as a local variable in your global script, and than access it via reference (get_node("/root/global").variable)

Ok i guess i should have been more explicit and not just tag the question.
This is about godots point&click framework escoria.
In it there are esc files which serve as scripts to control dialog-trees.
there is a function in it setglobals which allows you to set global flags, i.e. booleans.
There's also the '>'-command which allows you to branch based on those.
What i want to do is have globals, that contain integers and make my branches dependend on those.
The gd-script that parses the esc-files is esc and the globals and stuff are handled by and i suppose i could just change those to do what i want.
I just thought there should be an easier way.

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