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I'm trying to make a dash that also disables collisions with walls, so you go through them. In the tileset I've made, the walls are on the wall layer (int 0 in collision_layer), and the ground is on int 1. The player is on both layers.
When the dash is activated, int 0 is set to false, so the player goes through the walls, which works as intended. However, the player also goes through the floor, which is a huge issue.

I've already made sure that int 1 also isn't being disabled. Why does the player still go through it? Help is appreciated.

Godot version 3.2.3
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Nevermind, turns out the tilemap's collisions override the collisions I've already set. Is there any way I can avoid using two separate tile sets?

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Put the floor and the wall on different layers. Say, wall on 0 and floor on 1. Set the player mask to 0 and 1. When you want to dash through walls, disable the player mask on 0. If you want to hit walls again, reenable 0.

Hope that helps.

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