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I'm just learning my second programming language with godot, so applying my knowledge is kinda hard right now.

Does GDScript offer the same polymorphism as c#/++?

Godot version v3.3.2.stable.official
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Yes. This can be implemented by using a FuncRef

  • First create a method that will be called with the "callback" (In different programming languages: Completion/Block/Closure/... etc.)

func completion_method():
    pass # To do something
func completion_method_with_params(p1: String, p2: int):
    pass # To do something 
  • Then create a method that will receive our "callback"

func some_method(completion: FuncRef, completion_with_params: FuncRef):
    # To do something
    # To do something
    completion.call_funcv(["kurtsev", 0103])
    # To do something
  • And now create a reference to the "callback" and just pass it to the method

var completion = funcref(self, "completion_method")
var completion_with_params = funcref(self, "completion_method_with_params")
some_method(completion, completion_with_params)
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