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I'm working on a jam game and I want a fast solution to make my 3D game look like it's pixelated. Can someone link a shader

Godot version 3.3
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Try this shader? Or maybe another on the same website. There's many!

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Well none of these is what I'm lookin for. I wan a code that I can put Inside cmera and never think for anything else. Or maybe you can say loweing the resulution

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This singleton script effectively lowers your render resolution. It's designed for 2D but should work more or less the same for 3D.

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Use multiple Viewport nodes. For example, one for UI to be rendered in native resolution, and one for the game. If lowering a resolution of the whole game window is enough for you, than lower the resolution. It's done in "Project settings" => "Window" as far as I remember.

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