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I have a animated sprite that is in a dark area and I want to sync its animation with the same animation on a light2D to make it more visible, but the sprite uses speed scale and the light2D uses FPS, is there any way to convert speed scale to FPS?

Godot version 3.3.2
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This involves the use of the _process() function (and the corresponding delta parameter). But I can't determine which one to use. Maybe, instead, the sprite could be programmed to use the idle_frame signal in its animation?

I’m a new developer and have no clue what an idle frame is, I just wanted to know the base speed scale (that is multiplied by the value you put in speed_scale) in FPS.

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If you want animation to interact with light, "animate" with shader.

Book of shaders if you don't know anything about shaders.
Library of Godot ready shaders
Library of WebGL shaders for inspiration
Free shader editor with Godot plugin

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