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I'm designing a desktop application using Godot. I'm aware that it's for making games, but creating GUI with it is so easy.

There are a lot of threads about fonts on a high-DPI screen, but, even after reading those, I still have trouble with it.

  • If I use the default font, the text on controls is pixelated.
  • If I use a custom dynamic font in the theme of the root control, it is the same thing as above.
  • If I then set the Mode/Aspect to 2d/Expand, the text is crisp. But its size changes when I resize the window.

Is there a way to have a crisp font on low- and high-DPI screens without having it changing size with the window?

Basically, I'm trying to replicate the behavior of the Godot editor itself.

Godot version 3.3.3
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Were you able to solve it? I'm looking for the same answer

Yes, it works now. Since version 3.4 actually.
Just set Stretch Mode to disabled and Stretch Aspect to expand.

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