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Is it possible to change which enumerator is used in an export based on a value provided by another export?



enum FighterSubclasses {KNIGHT, BRAWLER, DUELYST}
enum WizardSubclasses {EVOKER, DRUID, NECROMANCER}

var SubclassLookup= [FighterSubclasses, RangerSubclasses, WizardSubclasses]

export (Classes) var Class
export ( SubclassLookup[Class] ) var Subclass <~~~~ This is what I'm hoping to achieve

I get the error constant expression expected, is there a way to make that second export change its dropdown list based on the first?

Godot version 3.3.1
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Unfortunately this is not possible. The data type has to be fixed at compile time (i.e. before any value is assigned to a variable). But you could make your script a tool-script and then check in the setter-method whether the assigned subclass fits the class that was selected and otherwise not accept the change.

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