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I have three animations:
If I press the start button, the animations should play one after the other. Three frames "Runstart", loop "Running" and two frames "Runend".
I know you can use AnimationTree / state machine, but but maybe there is another way?
I would like to use AnimatedSprite or AnimationPlayer and manage from code.
I would be grateful if you could show me an example code.

Godot version 3.3.2
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Loads of ways to skin that cat. One way is to add a method call in the AnimationPlayer. They're basically signals, when one finishes it will call a method which can call the next and string them as long as you like.

Speaking of signals, maybe an even easier option is to add an animation_finished signal to AnimationPlayer which passes the animation name, so it's trivial to branch in code.

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