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Line reference: Is there a possibility of identifying the line number in a godot script, similar too PHP code LINE_ and __FILE
ex: print(jeuId, " Nous jouons au Pendu l. 80)
This is what I do to identify my print statement .
Every time I do change my code, I change the line number for 'debug' purpose.

Godot version v.3.2.3 stable
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1 Answer

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Yes, it is possible to identify the line number in a godot script. You can use print_stack() function to print current stack or get it as array using get_stack().

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Thank you
These lines are in my script
print(jeuId, " Nous jouons au Pendu ******** ", getstack())
print(dernierJoueur, " Dernier joueur en filière ******** ", get
print(dernierNiveau, " Dernier niveau en filière ******** ", get_stack())

This is the answer I have.
1 Nous jouons au Pendu ******** [{function:ready, line:80, source:res://scripts/}]
0 Dernier joueur en filière ******** [{function:
ready, line:81, source:res://scripts/}]
10 Dernier niveau en filière ******** [{function:_ready, line:82, source:res://scripts/}]

It is working fine, you save me a lot of work.
Merci Michel Bélair, Montréal, Canada

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