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Hi all,
We are developing on linux CentOS 7 64bit
The application we are developing crashes and creates core dump files.
If I try to open them with gdb or lldb, they tell me that the debug symbols are missing.
How can the debug symbols be generated when exporting the project?
When we compile the code we tick the "export with debug" option but the symbols are missing anyway.

thank you in advance for your help

if any detail is missing please tell me and I'll integrate the question.

kind regards

Godot version 3.3.2
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Let me see if I'm reading this correctly. The binary has debugging enabled, and when it's run with gdb it doesn't give out any warnings or errors?

Hi Ertain,
thank you for your replay
not exactly,
We export a package with debugging flag "on"
We run it "normally" as a standard application
it crashes and produces a core dump
when we attempt to open the core dump with gdb it says that the debugging symbols are missing.
Because we do not understand the reason why the application crashes and the normal logs are not helpful we really need to read the core dump.
If you have any suggestion we really appreciate it

kind regards

Maybe try running the exported binary with gdb?

gdb exported_binary.x86_64

That might shine some light on why it's crashing. Btw, does the game run fine from the editor in CentOS 7 (assuming a desktop environment is installed on CentOS 7)?

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