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I am trying to attatch a player view as a child to a 2d node that holds my level 1 stage. If my player scrip is inheriting from Kenimatic2D I get the following error:

Error #1|: "Script inherits from native type 'KinematicBody2D', so it can't be instanced in object of type: 'Node2D'"

If I change my exstends constant to "Node2D" as it suggests, I receive this call back error:

Error #2|:"Parser Error: The method "moveandslide" isn't declared in the current class."

This is in reference to a function bellow which lies in the _process loop and is ment to handle movement. The function specified is the only one in documentation refering to it. Currently there is a method in the Vector2 class called "slide()" but It gives the same error as Error#2 but with the function in reference changed to "slide()"

Here is the code from PlayerScrt in the view hierarchy diagram below it:


export (int) var speed = 200

var velocity = Vector2()

func getinput():
velocity = Vector2()
velocity.x += 1
velocity.x -= 1
velocity.y += 1
velocity.y -= 1
velocity = velocity.normalized() * speed

func physicsprocess(delta):
velocity = move

-----Veiw Hierarchy----------------------------------------
|Level 1_ []
|Player_ PlayerSript
|Kenimatic2D node |


Godot version Godot_v3.3.4-stable_win64
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1 Answer

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You tried to attach script to scene root instead of adding Player PackedScene as child, and received error #1. Then you "fixed" the error by removing KinematicBody2D inherited functions, including moveandslide() which you use from the script, To add child to the root of scene add Player node with root nodes.add_child().

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