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I'm following the flappy bird tutorial again to tune my skills some more. I'm on Tutorial 3. Spawning. On the I have the following and the line:


is giving the following error:
Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'get_pos' in base 'Node ('.

When I type set_pos() I get auto complete happening but when I type get_pos() I get no auto complete. Strange.

Here is the full code so far:

#script: spawner_pipe

extends Node

const scn_pipe = preload("res://scenes/pipe.tscn")

func _ready():

func spawn_pipe():
    var new_pipe = scn_pipe.instance()

func go_next_pos():
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Cancel that! I had the script attached to the wrong Node. It was a Node, not a Node2d. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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The answer is simple,Node don't have a position, so get_pos() don't existe. Try to extend from Node2D to fix your problem.

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Thank you and so sorry for the late reply. I appreciate your help and again, I must have been on another planet not to thank you.

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