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I want to increase/decrease a CollisionShape2D circle's radius gradually and up to a min/max limit and honestly i have no idea how, trying to use clamp and movetoward but the latter doesn't work with float values (which the radius is)
So is there something like move
toward for float values and if not, then how do i go on about this?
Complete beginner to godot, gdscript and coding in general and just trying to get out of tutorial hell, so go easy on me.
if Input.is_action_pressed("Sprint"): speed = 150 soundBubble.shape.radius = soundBubble.shape.radius.move_toward(8.5, 60.0, 1.0) if Input.is_action_just_released("Sprint"): speed = 90 soundBubble.shape.radius = soundBubble_StandingRadius #want this to be a gradual change as well

Godot version 3.3.2
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Have you looked into using a Tween?

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AnimationPlayer can animate any property.

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Thanks for reminding me, but it wouldn't work for this exact mechanic since multiple actions will be affecting that radius (shooting/running/sneaking) and it would get very messy that way with an animation player.
I simply want to change the radius by a value with an upper/lower limit.
for now i'm using a clamp to keep the radius between two values however its just a band aid solution and i need something like move_toward that i can use with the radius.

Linear interpolation.

Yep, lerp is what i was looking for

I am looking into lerp(), and it is not the same. It requires a weight which goes from 0 to 1 and what I have is the step length, which is the increment per second. I don't know how to do the transformation :/

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I didn't find a Godot built in solution. This is the implementation that is working for me:

func move_toward(actual:float, to:float, delta:float):
    if(actual < to):
        actual += delta
        actual = min(actual, to)

    return actual
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