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So after a good half a year of break I'm trying to get back to Godot, so my knowledge -at its best - is relatively unreliable.
My aim is to measure up the distance between the player (KinematicBody2D) and a target (Area2D) - the concept is that when the player gets closer to the hidden object, it changes shape indicating that yay, we are getting closer.

My main problem is that while I can get both the position of the KinematicBody2D and the target, distanceto doesn't seem to work, only gives 0 as an outcome.
here comes code
( for some reason get
position/ getglobalposition doesnt even show up as an option let alone work)
enter image description here
I'd appreciate any kind of help or suggestions!
Have a great day all :D

Godot version v3.2.3
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It should work, You propably overcomplicated something with these postargets pospositions posplayers :)

Anyway You can try measure lenght() of positions difference. (target.position - player.position).length(). But make sure You adress them correctly and use global positions

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Thank you, worked perfectly! :D

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