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Hi, I'm working on a top down shooter using cutout animations without deformation.

In other words, this approach:

Not this approach:

If you are not familiar with cutout animation in Godot, it does let you create skeletons with IK - it just does not let you deform the sprites at all.

I am trying to create animation similar to this game: I am pretty lost on how to do this. There are very few tutorials out there on cutout animation in Godot, and I haven't done anything similar before.

In particular, can anyone give me any pointers on an approach to do any of the following:

  1. Attach a 2-handed gun to my character and put the hands in the right place
  2. Be able to point the gun at the mouse cursor and have the arms follow naturally using IK
  3. Have the ability to have different attach points for the hands for different weapons, so I can have different types and sizes of weapons (i.e. pistols vs rifles)

Anyone have any quick tips on approaches for these things?

Godot version 3.3.2
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