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Hi All

In Debug, when I select Monitors I can check FPS at the top to see my frames in the last run of the game.

My question is about the number at the top of the FPS monitor (in light green font).
Is this the average FPS? I am asking because on some readouts it looks like it should be the peak FPS and some other ones seem to suggest it's the average FPS.

I put a script in to show my FPS on the screen as I run the game and it's peaking at 167FPS, drops to about 60 at time etc, and then that monitor readout in Debug gives me Fps 111 (average?)

I then run it again and it peaked at 170 and dropped to 75, and the monitor showed Fps 167 (not average?).

Which is it?

Godot version 3.4
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1 Answer

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The FPS monitor is an average of the FPS measured during the last second. The number is only updated once per second, so querying it more often won't give you a more accurate value.

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