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Hello, i want to know how i could add extra args to a predefined godot signal that already has args.
I have a Area Body_entered signal and i want to pass not only the body that enters the area, but also the signal emitter.

How i could do this? I didn't found how to do it on C#.


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I don't think one can modify existing signals, so the solution could be making your own signal. Make a method on the signal emitter and hook it to body_entered signal. In that function emit custom signal which contains all the information you need to pass.
Sorry I can't provide you with C# example, I have yet to try C# with Godot (I know C# but quickly learned gdscript and I was quite pleased with it :) ).

Now that you mentioned it, it's quite strange that signals don't tell who emitted 'em. I mean, C# events usually have the sender object...

Edit: I forgot that you can define extra arguments to be passed when connecting the signal.
You can add the emitter there. Something along these lines:

area.Connect("body_entered", this, nameof(HandleBodyEntered), new Godot.Collections.Array(area));
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Hello, i think in GDScript it's possible to pass some extra args with predefined signals, i will check later. Thanks for the solution! Edit: I had skipped somehow the edit, thanks you!

No problem. If it worked, don't forget to accept the answer! That may help others who could be searching for the same question.

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