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Here's a rundown:
I have an assets folder, within which i have an audio folder and within that i have a music folder. The music folder itself is fine however any folders created in it cause errors. Any in-editor action related to changing the content of these folders will cause the "instruction at

referenced memory at
" error. This ONLY happens in this EXACT project and ONLY in those folders. Deleting those folders and creating new folders doesn't fix anything.
Should i just run a memory check? Or is this a Godot problem?
EDIT: Apparently it stopped happening? I'll reply if it's still happening after restart.
Godot version 3.3.4
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Still happening. I have no idea what's causing the problem. Is it something to do with the audio files themselves?

It's very inconsistent

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It's a problem with audacity. Sometimes, the files generated through audacity will have some sort of metadata error or something? Basically, when godot loads them, it very frequently crashes, although the audio files are completely functional.

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I also use Audacity for sounds and I have never encountered that issue. Do you always clear metadata after exporting your file? Because if not, then it does make sense why you had trouble with that.

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Have you tried it with different music files? Maybe one from a project you know has worked before?

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Yeah, it seems to be the exact same with other sound files(or maybe just wav and ogg vorbis). I have tried it with other projects and it seems to not happen in them.

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