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I see many projects that have files for players, enemies and other stuff in diferent formats, like. player.res ,,, enemy.xsn,,, enemy.xscn, snow.xml...
Why so many formats for sceenes?

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Scenes used to be in xscn/xml (XML) and scn (binary) formats, one that is human-readable and another for performance.

Then tscn (TOML) was added to the engine as a more friendly text format, and xscn/xml is now deprecated.

Resources that are not scenes also use these same formats, under a different extension suffixed *res so they can be differenciated from scenes.

The idea is you can use tres and tscn (with a t) to save resources and scenes as text format that is easy to work with during development of the game (especially with Git or other VCSs), and then use res and scn if performance is really needed on a huge scene that takes forever to load for example (they are converted to binary anyways when you export the game).

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