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Hello, I have some troubles with some joypad methods in the Input class.
Here is a snippet of my code :

if Input.get_connected_joypads().size() == 0:

Whether the gamepad is plugged in or not, Input.get_connected_joypads() always return a array with, at least, one element: vJoy Device
Does anyone know what is this device and/or how to disable it ?

Thank you in advance
PS : I ran my code on a laptop maybe it's the trackpad ?

Godot version 3.3.4
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1 Answer

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It's probably a virtual joystick device provided by the OS or some driver/software on you device. Could be the trackpad. There can be any number of other real or virtual joystick/joypad devices connected on peoples computers, so you shouldn't rely on the first of them being the one the player wants to use.

If you're making a single player game, the easiest way is to let any connected gamepad device be used. In case of multiple players, you should allow players to select their gamepad devices..

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Okay thank you for your advise.
Yes, it's a single player game. I think I will do something like that :

if Input.get_connected_joypads().size() == 0:
elif Input.get_connected_joypads().size() == 1:
   var joy_name = Input.get_joy_name(0)
   if joy_name == "vJoy Device":

Thank you again for your help!

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