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Whenever I go to my files to try and open Godot, it just goes to another app I have, IbisPaintX. Yea, I have Linux, just installed it actually, but is it because of my device? I use a Chromebook Acer R 11. Please tell me if I can use Godot!! I'm trying to make my first video game, and I'm still learning C++, but I want to create it with Godot. It's one of the only engines I can use with Chrome! I also went to the "Linux" tab to install it. Did I do something wrong? Please help!!!

P.S. There isn't any other category than "Engine" for me, but I don't really know what category this would be in

Godot version 3.4 I think- that's what is says on the downloading page: "Godot 3.4"
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Do you just want to run the Godot IDE? That's the program in which you create the game. In that case this "file" should not normally be opened with another program but rather execute. On Linux you should check whether the file is executable. That can be done by going into the folder on your terminal and type "ls -la" left of the Godot executable there should be an x for execute. If not, try "chmod +x " to make it executable. should be the name of the Godot IDE. Btw if you want to run the Godot IDE and be sure that the program is run you ca also run it from the terminal by typing "./".

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Ok, thanks! I'm still a bit new to this coding stuff, so I need all the help I can get!!

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