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Is GODOT engine a drag and drop game making Engine ?

If yes , than how to use as drag and drop ?

in engine any blueprint script editor like unreal engine 4 ?

Which language should I know to use GODOT Engine ?

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All the visual parts of your game can mostly be done via dran'n'drop in the editor. Just download it and try it for yourself ;) All the sprites, collision hitboxes, active areas or UI elements (and much more) can be put in the game by simply adding those node types to your scene.

The main language of Godot is GDscript which is really close to Python (syntax-wise). There's also VisualScript which is comparable to blueprints in UE4, although I haven't used it extensively enough to tell you how mature it is.

If you really need the performance or want to use pre-existing code or libraries, you can also write C++ modules that extend or modify the engine in any way you like, as it's open source :)

So if you know Python, learning GDscript will be a matter of a couple of evenings (mostly reading the documentation and example code). If not, it's not that hard to learn anyways, since Godot is really newcomer friendly.

Good luck with your projects :)

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Pure drag and drop? no.
You need to search stuff, add to the tree, then manipulate on the visual editor, drag and drop is limited to some resources (mostly for textures).

I have seen something, maybe a plugin, that give some drag and drop capabilities but still have not seen the sources.

There will be a visual script editor on Godot 3, similar to Unreal blueprints.

If you know how to program on any language, from C to Lua, should be enough to understand GDScript (the main scripting language), Godot 3 may come with a version with C# support too.

If you don't know to program on any language, sadly there are no programming tutorials for gdscript but the closest language is Python, with plenty of online tutorials with interpreters (without installing anything).

For stuff that is too complex or special functions not included in the engine, you may need to add modules, currently on C++, but that may be more flexible in the near future.

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It's similar to Visual Studio's form editor (or Delphi if you're old enough to remember it ;) ).
You drag&drop most components but you have to write the logic part of the game as code.
Some form of visual scripting is in the works but it's closer to Unreal than Construct 2 or GameMaker.

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