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In the documentation it is explained several times that _init ()is the name of the constructor, but what's the name of the destructor?
Is it anywhere documented?

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I expect that when you call free() member of a class it would call the destructor first and so then the destructor of the ancestor and so on.
The same way than _init() is called when you call new() with the class name.

_init has implicit "super" call, I don't know if is the same with free, you may need to do some tests.

But I think that the engine manages to free all the associated variables too, not sure if you need to override free at all.

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The object receives the NOTIFICATION_PREDELETE notification through the _notification(what) callback. Check if the notification is NOTIFICATION_PREDELETE and react to it:

func _notification(what):
        # destructor logic
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