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I've successfully followed a lot of tutorials on yt to be able to make a game that could run on a local network, now I want it to work accross the internet , the tutorials I've watched did it pretty simply by changing the IP address to join, but I've got some problems with that. My ISP doesn't allow port forwarding. So I'm trying to use cellular network instead(idk this works) but it isn't working, anything u could help with it! I've read for mobile networks all ports are open or some, but idk I'm not an expert, but if I tried to checkmyports through some sites doesn't seem to be open. So what can I do? Is it even possible to do? I guess so! Many multiplayer games works on cellular network even with servers(host) on cellular networks. Hope I could find any help!

Godot version 3.4.stable
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Networking is a difficult topic to cover. That being written, you can try a server-client model. If that doesn't work well for you, then consider a peer-to-peer kind of system (you may have to do some NAT punching, too).

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According to my knowledge, there is no mobile carrier that will let you do any port forwarding. Mobile carriers use NAT, so you are limited to some public IP address that he provides you with. They won't let you do any port forwarding, you would have to manage the gateway yourself.

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