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i have this script to make a list of player's unit and enemy's unit, every time a unit is spawn or destroyed this function run again to update the list and reconnect the signals but...

func set_targets()-> void:
var nodos:Array = get_children() 
for element in nodos:
    if element.is_in_group("player"):
    if element.is_in_group("enemy"):
        lvl_top_score += element.score
for element in player_units:

i keep getting this error:

E 0:00:27.932   connect: Signal 'enemy_unit_destroyed' is already connected to given method 'handle_destroy_enemy' in that object.

Method failed. Returning: ERRINVALIDPARAMETER
core/object.cpp:1512 @ connect() @ settargets()
dev @ _onTimer2timeout()

so i want to check if they are already connected. But i don't find the way.

Godot version V3.4
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-.-U !!! Sory: i just found it, the function is:

bool is_connected(signal: String, target: Object, method: String) const

"Returns true if a connection exists for a given signal, target, and method."

i will leave this question for anyone else looking for this, (i didn't find anything when i was looking for it)

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