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How do i make the player jump with respect to mouse position ( towards my mouse )? I searched up a lot of videos in youtube but could'nt find any. Any suggestions will work. Thanks!

Godot version 3.1.1
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Simply apply jumpForce as a vector rotated towards the mouse.

velocity += Vector2(jumpForce,0).rotated(get_angle_to(get_global_mouse_position()))

If that doesn't work it may be because the getangleto() is using local coordinates instead, If that's the case use this instead.

    velocity += Vector2(jumpForce,0).rotated(get_angle_to(get_local_mouse_position()))

Hope this helps, also remember to tell people what kind of object you're using when it comes to physics whether it's a kinematic, rigid, or custom.

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Ah Thanks! The second one worked for me!
I'll remember to put the kind of object in later questions.

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