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Recently got into Godot and I love it.

In my small project, I noticed what seemed like an unusual large number of objects, thinking that I must have made a mistake, such as infinitely creating something in the physics process.

However, I then started an "empty" project with just a single node in the tree and Godot still registers around 1000 objects at runtime. This isn't an issue and I suppose that it is normal, but for curiosity's sake, could someone explain the nature of these objects?

Are these the the inherent methods like physicsprocess? But 1000 objects?

Thanks for helping my understanding ^^

Godot version 3.4
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where exactly do you get the 1000 objects listed ?

They are listed in the performance monitor in debugger.

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I've had those objects when I check with an empty scene but its usually just like 50 or less, but from what I know it's because a lot of what you see in both the editor and the code is actually nodes, if your looking at the performance monitor when the game is closed but the editor is open then it will actually show the number of objects in the editor, this number includes everything from the script editor to the play button in the top right. This is because the editor was actually made using the game engine. But unless you've installed an addon, module, or forked version of the engine that should be normal.

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Thank you for your explanation :)

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