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Hello, new to the engine, been trying to get along with the docs and references, but nothing specifically to what I'm looking for... or I haven't really looked that much...

Basically what I want is to access that sprite information or instance or however you call it here, so I can access its properties, transform, etc., etc.

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Sprite3D is a Node, if it is on the scene tree you can get it with get_node, then use any of the available methods for Sprite3D (and up on the class hierarchy) to do what you need.

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ok thank you very much! will try fiddle with that :D

If you look at the docs (web or Godot help), you will see it says Inherits: SpriteBase3D < GeometryInstance < VisualInstance < Spatial < Node < Object.

So, information on some things, like methods to get/set texture or frames will be on Sprite3D but others, like transform, will be on Spatial (you can notice that on the sections at the node inspector too).

thank you very much for helping me out

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