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Hello, my question is what the title says,

Let's say i have two points, a and b.

How i could move a kinematicbody smoothly between a and b?


Godot version Godot 3.3.2 mono
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2 Answers

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How do you want to move it?

  • Use an animation
  • Use lerp on its transform.
  • Use a Tween and interpolate between a and b.
  • Define a path and use a PathFollow node.

Note a KinematicBody interacts with physics so you probably mean to use a RigidBody instead if you don't intend to use move_and_slide (or related functions).

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I'm moving the kinematic in the physics process, so i want to use moveandslide. I would want to know how to move to "b" with moveandslide, and how much velocity should i add per physics tick relative to the distance between the two points (a and b). Thanks

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After seeing this video, i just realized how stupid i was, i could explain it on this answer but the video explains it almost perfectly. Check it out, is very simple!

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