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extends Node

var network = NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()

func _ready():
    network.connect("connection_failed", self, "_on_connection_failed")
    network.connect("connection_succeeded", self, "_on_connection_succeeded")

func connect_to_server(ip : String, port : int): # Called from another script
    network.create_client(ip, port)

func _on_connection_failed(): # This function NEVER gets called

func _on_connection_succeeded():

When I try to connect to an offline server (which fails), the function _on_connection_failed() doen't get called.

Godot version 3.3.2
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Nevermind... I solved it!

This signal is infact working properly, but it delays some time until the connection fails.

Is this your own system? when not, could you post the tutorial? it sounds great, and i always have problems with multiplayer...

I'm following some tutorials but applying to the reality of my game (it's a multiplayer FPS).

I think that "Game Development Center" Youtube channel videos about multiplayer are great, also Godot documentation help A LOOOOOOT :)

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