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IAP is planned to be integrated in the engine, but can't say when. Maybe 3.0, or 3.1. Devs are still discussing how to design the generic "game store"/"social" API for using In-App-Purchases.

Ads were also being discussed a bit at GodotCon (along a list of features the engine still needs, because 3.0 is a great opportunity to break compatibility and make a big step forward), but I have no idea when it will be scheduled for development. At the moment I only know of some stuff for Android (quick search gives this https://github.com/Mavhod/GodotAdmob) but it looks outdated.

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Do you know Soomla (discontinued since Dec-2016) and SDKBox?


This is for Unity3D, right?

Cool! How about ads, will it be integrated?

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For Godot 3.2.3 you can use binary precompiled modules for ad mediation networks. For example Applovin-MAX module is implemented for iOS and Android and have the same API interface. So you can use it without headache of platform specific issues.
Applovin allows you use several ad networks, so you can connect AdMob and Facebook audience network.
All binary modules can be installed from NativeLib repository. NativeLib addon you can find at AssetLib.
More info at:

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