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trying it using but object is moving diagonal (down-right)

var tween = getnode("Tween")
func _physics
myPos = self.position
destination = myPos + Vector2(0,0.1)

Godot version 3.4
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1 Answer

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Linear velocity is a Vector by which RigidBody moves. It describes the change of positions, a vector of difference between position now and position later. Thus it cannot be tweened with a global position vectors, this would give ridicolous results.

You need to rethink what is it You really want to interpolate. Direction of moving object ? Speed ?
The way your code looks it seems like You want to directly tween globalposition of the body. This is not advised, collisions won't be properly reported that way. Instead interpolate speed. Take direction to your target before tweening ( object position minus target position ), tween custom variable speed from 0 to desired number and in process() applyimpulse() using your normalized direction * this speed.

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Sorry, it works with

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