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I am currently trying to get the following Server to run: https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/511 on my Linux Server but I can't get it to work. I tried to run the x86 file but it did not work (currently stuck with a "Your System does not support XInput2" Error Edit: If you have this error: Get the Godot Headless setup onto your server and run your file with it) so I then followed this: https://www.codingkaiju.com/tutorials/deploy-godot-multiplayer-dedicated-server-vps/ tutorial which also did not work. Does anyone have a tutorial on this?

Would I maybe also be possible to fetch the data that is sent to the server with a program that is not made with Godot? So that the Client would be Godot and the Server would be something like Python?

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Ok. So I fixed the probem. It would not run with the tutorial that i linked because it used an outdated version of the Godot Linux Server. Replacing it with the up to date version lets me run the Server program ... but I still can`t connect.

On my local machine I can host / connect but I can not connect to a server on my linux vserver. Connecting a python client to a python server on my linux vserver did work though

Found the problem. Make sure your clients Godot version is the same as the Servers Godot version then it will work

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