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So, I want to be able to create a particle effect when the player's sword hits terrain or even another sword. I've already created a particle effect using the Particles2D node but i don't get how to generate these particles at the point of collision. (Also, I've made the sword an Area2D node). Anyone know how to do this?

Godot version 3.3.4-stable
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I tried similar thing not long ago and discovered that Areas are pretty much useless for detecting percise point of collision. Can You use any Body instead ? Bodies have detailed info about collision and You can get point of two bodies collision

Ok, If I change it to a kinematicbody2d or a rigidbody2d, how can I detect points of collision?

You need to iterate trough getcontactcount and getcontactlocalposition within PhysicsDirectBodyState argument of integrateforces()

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