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Let's say I have several buttons in a menu.
The last button's "bottom neighbor" is the first button on the list.
The first button's "top neighbor" is the last button on the list.
Then holding down ui_down or ui_up would result in infinite scrolling at an insane speed.
How would I go about adjusting the speed?

Godot version v3.4.stable.official [206ba70f4]
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Maybe have the program check for how long ui_up or ui_down is being pressed? If the inputs are pressed for a certain amount of time, then the next button in line can gain focus.

I think I managed to check how long the input is being pressed for.
However, I'm not sure how to actually modify any ui input behavior such as ui_up and ui_down because the focus control is already pre-set by Godot.
Do you happen to know where to look?

Here's an article in the documentation which shows you how to assign the input navigation focus for buttons and other Control nodes.

it explains nothing about what I'm trying to achieve :/

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